Lillie Langtry: The Original Bombshell

History Rocks

Before Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, and the Kardashians there was Lillie Langtry. She literally set the stage for sex symbols and screen sirens. What she wore became fashion, what she said made headlines, and everything she touched became history.

Lillie was the first international superstar.

Born October 13, 1853 on the Channel Island of Jersey, she married at twenty years of age, and soon convinced her husband to move to London. The charming statuesque, golden haired beauty captivated the London glitterati. She was considered the most beautiful woman of her time. Her confidante Oscar Wilde gave her the nick-name Jersey Lily. Her voluptous figure and porcelain skin combined with a mischievous personality made her the toast of London. The Prince of Wales grew enchanted with her and made Lillie his first recognized mistress.

“I love it when people pretend not to look at me.” 

Poynter, Edward John, 1836-1919; Mrs Langtry (1853-1929) Painting by Edward John Poynter courtesy…

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Red Stiletto Strategy

Now available, something fun I’ve written in my spare time. It’s an uber cool espionage short story, set in World War II. Luckie Stratton is my fave character so far. Who knew writing about a female assassin would be so much fun?

Check it out, free on Kindle Unlimited or download it for 99c. Most of all, enjoy it and thank you so much for your support. RRS large

Born to an alcoholic, single mother in Texas, Luckie Stratton learns from a young age to keep her distance, avoiding getting close to anyone. She moves to LA as a young film actress, becomes enchanted by a swarthy English gentleman and flies to London in 1940 to join his secret British spy elites. The seductive blonde becomes an undercover assassin.

Armed with her charm, a switchblade and a Derringer, this femme fatale never fails her mission. Disguised as an anxious wife waiting for her British ‘husband’ to return from battle proves to be irresistible bait to Nazi covert operatives.

Tonight, she has a date with destiny.

Her newest lover is revealed as a double agent and she is given a Code Red: Order to Execute. But, the unexpected appearance of a handsome RAF pilot makes her lose her focus…her target…and betray her command.

Knowing the consequences of failure will make you either the hunter or the prey.


RIP Tom Petty

History Rocks

RIP Tom Petty. I’ve only really fallen in love with you over the last year because of your Sirius channel, but you’ve always been there for me. Because of you, I’ll keep runnin’ down a dream. Cheers to a life well lived by a small town Southern boy with a big dream. Thank you for the words and music.

Condolences to all the families and friends in the tragedy in Las Vegas. Our hearts are truly broken.

tp rip2

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New Release/Getting Ready for Halloween

New from Jessica Cale & friends!

Corbeau Media

Hey everybody!

IMG_1223 The trick-or-treaters aren’t coming for a month, you say?

Tomorrow is the release day of The Stranger, and I’m celebrating in my own weird way by getting the headquarters ready for Halloween. We have candy (“for the children”), a box set of classic horror movies, and garlands of glitter bats on the walls…okay, I’m not gonna lie, those are up all year ’round. Today I am working on my Halloween costume and it’s fun for me to sew again. I used to make costumes pretty often when I was in high school, but now I don’t get to as often because I’m always working.

This is one of the things I love best about Halloween. “Work” is my default setting, so it’s nice to have a reason to be silly and indulge the desire to create. Yes, I’m lucky enough to get to be creative as a…

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The Business of Entertainment, Georgia Style


NOTICE: On Friday, October 6, 2017, we will hold our seventh consecutive annual SIEGE INVESTMENT CONFERENCE.

FEES. Costs for the Investment Conference are covered by sponsors.  No charge to judges, presenters or attendees.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS YEAR?  In the session that just ended, the Georgia legislature passed and the Governor signed a bill that changed the law to allow developers of interactive entertainment   to much more easily qualify for tax credits of up to 30% of expenditures.   A similar tax credit for film and television production has propelled Georgia to by some measures first in the world in that industry ahead of  New York, California, Canada and the UK.  Also, virtual reality is starting to become real.  In addition the Film Credit has been expanded to more fully incentivize postproduction activities and new incentives have been added for musicals, other live performances and music recordings.

WHAT IS SIEGE?  SIEGE is the annual 5 day Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo produced by the Georgia Video Game Developers Association for the benefit of the Video Game and related industries.  It is the largest Video Game Developers conference in the southern United States. There are numerous lunches, dinners, seminars, keynote speeches and parties. It is necessary to purchase a pass to attend any SIEGE event other than the investment conference.

WHAT IS THE SIEGE INVESTMENT CONFERENCE?  The SIEGE Investment Conference is a 1 day event that is part of SIEGE at which 8 to 10 teams will each present its business plan and prototype for an interactive media and/or entertainment related business to a panel of 40 to 50 judges consisting of investors, successful entrepreneurs, professors and industry leaders and receive feedback, advice, possible connections  and possibly funding.  This year will mark the 7th consecutive annual SIEGE INVESTMENT CONFERENCE.

HOW DO WE SELECT PRESENTERS?  We consider all forms of entertainment and interactive media and businesses that support either to be related to video games.   So within that broad scope we are  looking for the combination that we believe will most interest our judges/panelists.

WHEN:   Friday, October 6, 2017 FROM: 8:30 AM UNTIL 3:30 PM

WHERE: Atlanta Marriott NW at Galleria (actually in North by Northwest off  Wendy  Hill Road off of I 75 one exit north of 285)

AFTER PRESENTATIONS:  Lunch will be provided to the judges who will select the winner or winners by majority vote.  After lunch, the judges will be divided into small groups that will be rotated among presenting teams.

Find out more here: http://SIEGECON.NET/investment-conference


Direct to Office:  678-506-8828

Cell:  404-788-7903


Sexuality in History: The British Stripped Bare #CoverReveal

History Rocks

Look for Sexuality and It’s Impact on History: The British Stripped Bare available March 2018 from Pen & Sword Books. Historical essays from authors and historians Emma Haddon-Wright, Annie Whitehead, Jessica Cale, Judith Arnopp, Gayle Hulme, Dr. Beth Lynne and Hunter S. Jones.

From Anglo-Saxons to crazy Victorians, we’ve gone undercover to discover the secret kinks of the Brits throughout history.

Look for more info very soon! Thanks for stopping by!Cover only SIH 9+20

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Day of Giving

Much love to all my friends in Houston, and the states of TX & LA! xoxo

PROCEEDS FROM THE FORTUNE SERIES WILL GO TO THE RED CROSS #DayOfGiving to raise money for Harvey relief efforts

 The Fortune Series


Book Beginnings and Friday 56: The Coffin Path

The Three Rs Book Blog

friday bb

I am excited to join in with two book blog memes today. The first is Book Beginnings on Fridays, hosted by Rose City Reader, who asks bloggers to: ‘Please join me every Friday to share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires.’

The novel I am reading is The Coffin Path by Katherine Clements, an ebook from NetGalley that is not due to be published until February 2018. I suppose this means that the text I am quoting may be subject to revision in the run-up to publication. This is how my proof copy begins:

I was born with blood on my hands. I killed my mother on the 22nd of August, in the year 1642, the day the first King Charles turned traitor and chose a…

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AuthorTalk 2 – a Chat with Beverley Lee

James Fahy

Hello folks.

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you will know that from time to time, I like to invite a fellow writer into my luxurious subterranean blog chambers, sit them down in a leather wing-back chair before the roaring fire, close the heavy drapes against the night outside, and pick their brains, author-to-author. Previously I’ve chatted at length to the wonderfully Becky Wright about her work across different genres, from time-slip to witchcraft. (if you haven’t read it yet, go check out the blog post.

This time around, I’ve been visited by one of my nicest real-world freinds, the gothically-inclined writer of fang-filled chillers, Beverley Lee.

Beverley Lee

 Bev is a genuinely lovely, warm and freindly person, so heaven knows where all the darkness in her writing comes from (but wherever it is, we’re all grateful for it) I’ve toured odd village…

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