Medicine, Magic and Music: The Healing Properties of Music Observed in the Lives of Anne Boleyn, Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I

Anne Boleyn

All Things Tudor


Painting believed to be Anne Boleyn

When we think of Tudor England, various images flash through our mind. Kings, many queens, dashing courtiers, spies, and ruthless intrigues enter the mix. Add a dash of Renaissance fashion and religious upheaval and you have a heady, or often headless, concoction of brutality and inspiration. All at the same time. Tudor England was the springboard into The Empire and the seed of the modern world.

We look at the savagery and dogged pursuit of the throne by the king, Henry VII. His surviving son, Henry VIII changed the face of Europe forever when he founded the Church of England. His daughter Elizabeth I, another ‘long shot’ set the standard for today’s world through industry, exploration and education.

The medical arts were vastly different in the Tudor era than they are today. Due to religious practices of the time…

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Tudor Jewelry


All Things Tudor

Danegeld Historic Jewellery

Please welcome Danegeld Historic Jewllery and the owner, George Easton to All Things Tudor. If this jewelry doesn’t tempt you, I don’t know…

The mission of Danegold is to accurately research and reproduce period metalwork. According to the owner, “I always try to make my pieces as close to the originals as possible using the techniques and materials of the time in question.”

Founded in 1997, Danegeld’s produce copies of historic metalwork focusing mainly on the dark age and medieval period. The products-jewelry and metalwork is available in all metals-from gold to pewter

They make replica jeweler from all periods of history but mainly the dark ages and medieval periods. “I am equally happy casting a bronze age axe in an open forge as i would be traditionally setting diamonds in a victorian necklace. I am a trained jeweller and have been working commercially in the trade…

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Dramatis Personae – The Mirror and the Light by Hilary Mantel

Catherine Meyrick

I have been savouring The Mirror and the Light for about a month now and, like most people, when I think of Thomas Cromwell I think of Mark Rylance although I know he looks nothing like Cromwell. Apart from the major players, I have no idea what many of the other characters looked like. So I have draw together portraits of some of the recurring characters, particularly those of Cromwell’s household. I suspect others have done this already but my Google skills have failed me and I could not find anyone else’s collection of images.

The Cromwell Household

Thomas Cromwell
Workshop of Hans Holbein
Public domain

Richard Williams known as Cromwell
Thomas Cromwell’s nephew
by a follower of Hans Holbein
Public domain

Ralph Sadler
Workshop of Hans Holbein
Public Domain

Elizabeth Seymour
Wife of Gregory Cromwell

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Lovers Who Changed History: The Love Letters of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII

All Things Tudor

On turning over in my mind the contents of your last letters, I have put myself into great agony, not knowing how to interpret them, whether to my disadvantage, as you show in some places, or to my advantage, as I understand them in some others, beseeching you earnestly to let me know

expressly your whole mind as to the love between us two. It is absolutely necessary for me to obtain this answer, having been for above a whole year stricken with the dart of love, and not yet sure whether I shall fail of finding a place in your heart and affection, which last point has prevented me for some time past from calling you my mistress; because, if you only love me with an ordinary love, that name is not suitable for you, because it denotes a singular love, which is far from common. But if you…

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This Mighty Realm

Tudor Tuesday

All Things Tudor

By Bonny G Smith

This Mighty Realm – The Fourth Book of The Tudor Chronicles


The fourth book of The Tudor Chronicles,This Mighty Realm, was published on December 1, 2020. Two years in the writing, this brilliant novel tells the exciting story of the stormy relationship between Queen Elizabeth I of England and the young Earl of Essex, in the twilight years of Gloriana’s reign.

What is The Tudor Chronicles, and what inspired you to write it?

The Tudor Chronicles is a set of three complete Tudor novels in four volumes. It currently consists ofThe Nymph From Heaven, The Baker’s Daughter,andIn High Places. These three novels span the years of the reigns of four Tudor monarchs; King Henry VIII, King Edward VI, Queen Mary Tudor, and Queen Elizabeth I.

I grew up reading historical fiction novels, and watching movies about past times. I…

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T’was a month before Christmas…

T’was a month before Christmas,
And all through the town,
People wore masks,
That covered their frown.
The frown had begun
Way back in the Spring,
When a global pandemic
Changed everything.
They called it corona,
But unlike the beer,
It didn’t bring good times,
It didn’t bring cheer.
Contagious and deadly,
This virus spread fast,
Like a wildfire that starts
When fueled by gas.
Airplanes were grounded,
Travel was banned.
Borders were closed
Across air, sea and land.
As the world entered lockdown
To flatten the curve,
The economy halted,
And folks lost their nerve.
From March to July
We rode the first wave,
People stayed home,
They tried to behave.
When summer emerged
The lockdown was lifted.
But away from caution,
Many folks drifted.
Now it’s November
And cases are spiking,
Wave two has arrived,
Much to our disliking.
Frontline workers,
Doctors and nurses,
Try to save people,
From riding in hearses.
This virus is awful,
This COVID-19.
There isn’t a cure.
There is no vaccine.
It’s true that this year
Has had sadness a plenty,
We’ll never forget
The year 2020.
And just ‘round the corner –
The holiday season,
But why be merry?
Is there even one reason?
To decorate the house
And put up the tree,
When no one will see it,
No-one but me.
But outside my window
The snow gently falls,
And I think to myself,
Let’s deck the halls!
So, I gather the ribbon,
The garland and bows,
As I play those old carols,
My happiness grows.
Christmas ain’t cancelled
And neither is hope.
If we lean on each other,
I know we can cope.
Copy and Paste. Too good not to steal 🎄🎄🎄

Talking Tudors

All Things Tudor

Shared courtesy of Natalie Grueninger & On The Tudor Trail:

Lucy Churchill’s astonishing reconstruction of The Moost Happi portrait medal is one of my most treasured possessions. It’s unquestionably the most true-to-life image of Anne Boleyn that we have, which is why I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that it’s December’s #TalkingTudors patron prize! In addition to the plaque, the lucky winner will also receive two portrait medal magnets, one bronze and one brass. Both the plaques and medal magnets are individually hand-cast in England and are simply exquisite. If you love the podcast and have been considering supporting the work I do, then this is the perfect time to join!

All patrons will be included in the draw. I look forward to welcoming you to the patron family!*A HUGE thank you to Lucy Churchill for sponsoring this incredible prize!

In addition to the plaque, the lucky winner will also…

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Ultimate Tudor Christmas Package 🎄

Perfect for yourself or for the Tudor History lover in your life!

All Things Tudor

Kathryn Holeman is back with her 2020 edition of the Ultimate Tudor Christmas Package! Maybe it’s the year or her product line but this gift box is so full that she could barely fit all of the items into one photo. This limited edition package includes $175 worth of Tudor treasures for only $100 USD. It’s gift wrapped with care using Kathryn’s illustrated Tudor pattern paper and ships for free within the United States. She also offers low international flat rate shipping.

Visit to order.

The 2020 Ultimate Tudor Christmas Package includes:

• 1 limited edition Anne Boleyn or Elizabeth I ornament.

• 1 Tudor mug (choose from 3)

• 1 copy of Colouring History: Tudor Queens and Consorts with a set of 12 color pencils

• 1 Tudor 285-piece puzzle

• 2 Tudor Queen bookmarks

• 2 Tudor notepads with illustrations based on a book of hours once…

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About Anne Boleyn…

All Things Tudor

Image for post

Suzannah Lipscomb exclaims, “What a fun and beautiful gift for Anne Boleyn fans! But what is unexpectedly joyful about it is how elegantly and intelligently the commentaries are written, how scholarly the research that underpins them, and what empathy and imagination they show. This can be given to any true history lover, knowing that their hands, hearts, and minds will be fully engaged.”

The incentive for writing the Queen Anne Boleyn Paper Doll Book was born from a deep desire to lend agency to a woman who lived nearly 500 years ago: Anne Boleyn. What the creator Rebecca Monet eventually discovered in research was both maddening and fascinating.

In fact, when shelooked up the timeline of Anne Boleyn’s life, the primary source did not include the apparently little known of — yet highly formative — years Anne spent away from England on “the continent.” Yet, it was there — at…

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