Day 4 All Things Tudor x The Historians Magazine-The Tudor Takeover

All Things Tudor

Day 4 of the Tudor takeover!

Coming in Edition 7: The Red Rose and the White: The Story Behind the Tudor Rose. The Historians Magazine

The Tudor rose has become a symbol of England, proudly displayed on coronation regalia and coins, carved into buildings, presented on pubs and public parks, and gracing everything from Christmas ornaments to wallpaper to furniture. But the symbol and the story it represents is far more complicated than the simple union of the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York.

Henry VII created the Tudor rose and its narrative in a way that reimagined the past and shaped the understanding of the future. The ubiquitous presence of the Tudor rose from the Tudor era until today is one way the Tudors created England in their own image and provided us with one of the most successful logos of all time.

To find…

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