Lillie Langtry: The Original Bombshell

History Rocks

Before Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, and the Kardashians there was Lillie Langtry. She literally set the stage for sex symbols and screen sirens. What she wore became fashion, what she said made headlines, and everything she touched became history.

Lillie was the first international superstar.

Born October 13, 1853 on the Channel Island of Jersey, she married at twenty years of age, and soon convinced her husband to move to London. The charming statuesque, golden haired beauty captivated the London glitterati. She was considered the most beautiful woman of her time. Her confidante Oscar Wilde gave her the nick-name Jersey Lily. Her voluptous figure and porcelain skin combined with a mischievous personality made her the toast of London. The Prince of Wales grew enchanted with her and made Lillie his first recognized mistress.

“I love it when people pretend not to look at me.” 

Poynter, Edward John, 1836-1919; Mrs Langtry (1853-1929) Painting by Edward John Poynter courtesy…

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