The Business of Entertainment, Georgia Style


NOTICE: On Friday, October 6, 2017, we will hold our seventh consecutive annual SIEGE INVESTMENT CONFERENCE.

FEES. Costs for the Investment Conference are covered by sponsors.  No charge to judges, presenters or attendees.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS YEAR?  In the session that just ended, the Georgia legislature passed and the Governor signed a bill that changed the law to allow developers of interactive entertainment   to much more easily qualify for tax credits of up to 30% of expenditures.   A similar tax credit for film and television production has propelled Georgia to by some measures first in the world in that industry ahead of  New York, California, Canada and the UK.  Also, virtual reality is starting to become real.  In addition the Film Credit has been expanded to more fully incentivize postproduction activities and new incentives have been added for musicals, other live performances and music recordings.

WHAT IS SIEGE?  SIEGE is the annual 5 day Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo produced by the Georgia Video Game Developers Association for the benefit of the Video Game and related industries.  It is the largest Video Game Developers conference in the southern United States. There are numerous lunches, dinners, seminars, keynote speeches and parties. It is necessary to purchase a pass to attend any SIEGE event other than the investment conference.

WHAT IS THE SIEGE INVESTMENT CONFERENCE?  The SIEGE Investment Conference is a 1 day event that is part of SIEGE at which 8 to 10 teams will each present its business plan and prototype for an interactive media and/or entertainment related business to a panel of 40 to 50 judges consisting of investors, successful entrepreneurs, professors and industry leaders and receive feedback, advice, possible connections  and possibly funding.  This year will mark the 7th consecutive annual SIEGE INVESTMENT CONFERENCE.

HOW DO WE SELECT PRESENTERS?  We consider all forms of entertainment and interactive media and businesses that support either to be related to video games.   So within that broad scope we are  looking for the combination that we believe will most interest our judges/panelists.

WHEN:   Friday, October 6, 2017 FROM: 8:30 AM UNTIL 3:30 PM

WHERE: Atlanta Marriott NW at Galleria (actually in North by Northwest off  Wendy  Hill Road off of I 75 one exit north of 285)

AFTER PRESENTATIONS:  Lunch will be provided to the judges who will select the winner or winners by majority vote.  After lunch, the judges will be divided into small groups that will be rotated among presenting teams.

Find out more here: http://SIEGECON.NET/investment-conference


Direct to Office:  678-506-8828

Cell:  404-788-7903



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