Full Moon Magic

Magic and mayhem surround the full moon. The tides move at the will of the glowing orb. It is one of life’s great mysteries, as it chases the sun through the night. Since the dawn of recorded history the moon has enchanted us. We’ve worshiped and studied it. Why are we so fascinated by this celestial body which plays such a prominent role in legends and folklore?

“For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams.” Edgar Allan Poe

What is it about the moon that continues to stir us and, legend says, often drives some to madness? Surely, its power over us is a force of Nature. Associated with the deities Phoebe and Hecate, the Moon remains a source of curiosity.

Those of you who follow me know I’m researching folklore traditions and global mysticisms for my next novel. One of the traditions I’ve been introduced to are Sabian Symbols in astrology, which are basically a short phrase which give you a meaning behind the position of the signs in a chart. The full moon this week on April 22 at 1:24am EDT has captured my imagination. Why? One of the planetary placements is called the Gateway to the Garden of All Fulfilled DesiresThe_Awakening_of_Adonis_-_John_William_Waterhouse_(1899)

According to astrologer Lynda Hill, “This Symbol brings up fabulous opportunities and possibilities. You could find yourself in places with your desires met. There can be the promise of happiness; stability and feeling like you’ve arrived where you want to be. At times, though, you may be right at the point of what you want, but perhaps you need to make the deliberate action of opening the gate; admitting to yourself what you want and where you want to be. Perhaps you need to knock, showing your intention of wanting in. Maybe you already have everything you need – look around.”

Consulting the Oracle 1884 by John William Waterhouse 1849-1917

The keywords she mentions are: Happiness. Gardens and their treasures. Trellises and flowing plants. Pathways to bliss. Gates and doors. Unlocking and opening gates and doors. Analyzing your heart’s desires. The grass being greener on the other side. Rewards and treasures waiting. The allure of somewhere else. Initiations. Passages to a better life. Acquiring property. Sexual fulfillment. Opening up to life’s possibilities and rewards.

This captured my eye because so many people I follow on social media have been posting pictures of doorways, gates, and gardens. It makes me wonder if we subconsciously have an awareness of what is on the way for us. Or, maybe my friends all have great gardens and like gorgeous entryways. Plus, so many people have had such a dreadful year, I feel it’s time for something fun. Even if it makes us smile for a few minutes, then why not write short blog? 3089639_f7f24375

Whatever is behind it, this is the full moon before May Day, which makes it a powerful moon in every culture I’ve studied which celebrates that tradition. So, enjoy yourself and may all your dreams come true. Just remember, it will take time. Much like writing and researching a novel, nothing happens overnight.

The moon will continue to follow the sun.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare


The Awakening of Adonis, John William Waterhouse, 1899. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. (Historically the awakening of Adonis was celebrated in May but I really like this painting.)

Lynda Hill. http://www.SabianSymbols.com

Consulting the Oracle, John William Waterhouse. Presented by Sir Henry Tate, 1894. http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/N01541. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Kitchen Garden Gate at Riverhill House, UK. © Copyright Richard Croft and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


26 Comments on “Full Moon Magic

  1. In American native mythology, the April moon was known as the Pink Moon when an early spring flower, Pink Moss, started to bloom. Great post.

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  2. I do love doors. I’m guilty of sharing this love on my blog. Doors mean adventure and possibilities to me. You don’t what is behind one, unless you open it. The moon also entices me. It comes nightly to cast its eerie light. Good luck with your research!


  3. Living on a mountaintop, I have a glorious view of the night sky every night. The full moon always draws me outside to bathe in its light. I sit on my deck and just watch it, captivated. I’ve always wondered if I’m some type of lunar baby. Ha. Great post as always. Love your insights.

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