Secrets of Transformation, Part 3 The Mystery of Seduction

The Mystery of Seduction

You know how to whistle, don't you...

You know how to whistle, don’t you…

The last few blogs on transformation have noted that contemporary fairy tales with strong heroines have existed for years. Hollywood discovered traditional fables and classic fairy tales could easily be rewritten. Classic tales began to mirror concepts regarding women and femininity. Forget showcases of passive, helpless, beauty-queen femininity. Or, maybe not. It would depend on the story. Glamorous victims, dames, broads…you name it, Hollywood would give it to you. These femmes seduced us, just like maidens of the fairy tale stories of old had cast their own enchantment over kings and princes.

Secrets of Transformation has touched on the fact that our most popular fables and stories in folklore have indigenous native roots.  These tales were usually told by women, to the repetitive rhythms of work, until spinning a yarn and telling a tale were the same. Spinning and sewing themes appear in fairy tales. Our language today still has their legacy of rhythm in poetry and literature.

Story origins are studied the same way physicians analyze disease states…by collecting, comparing samples, noting traits that suggest a similar plot line and place of origin, discovering a commonality. In the last century, scholars and collectors found substantial bodies of work from Europe. (One aside…a couple of themes were similar in plot and details, including an intimate interlude with a beast or bondage scenario. Sound familiar yet? If not reference the original Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, and the story which translates more recently as 50 Shades of Grey.)

The Female Mystique


Let’s get back to spinning a yarn and seduction, these are symbolic of women’s work and skills which remind us that these old stories were once wives’ tales–stories told by women. Should it be surprising that a woman storyteller would cast her heroine as more clever than her adversary?  The original stories of the wise women represent female maturity in different terms than those of the later male authors in that the stories feature heroines who are strong, resilient and yet completely feminine. 

Rather than the tales of passive females making mistakes and being punished, as shown in the French fairy tales of Perrault and the brothers Grimm, older stories contain elements of a strong female archetype. There is one more remarkable element from the women’s point of view which is rarely noticed, that of being a clever heroine who prevails and survives by her own wits. But what of seduction? Let’s take a peek at it’s place in fairy tales. 

Fairy tales follow a simple structure, associated with coming of age. Generally, the story ends in marriage which was the universal symbol of adulthood. Oral folktales feature a triumphant heroine rather than a passive heroine who awaits rescue by a prince or woodcutter. In these stories, her foolishness is not punished…her adversary is duped. The stronger female emerges victorious. 


The Thrill of It All

Look at Cinderella. It’s a good versus evil story. Cinderella overcomes the evil stepmother and stepsisters. Good triumphs over evil. But, the underlying story is the one of seduction. When Cinderella leaves the ball, the Prince is smitten. Much like King Henry VIII pursued Anne Boleyn, he wants the only female in his kingdom who runs from him; the only one he cannot have is the one he wants. Cinderella’s mystique was so alluring that the prince pursued her. That is an example of the power of seduction.  

Old stories can be reinvented, and heroines can always be remade/remodeled. A classic withstands the test of time, as Hollywood has proven. What exactly is the answer to the mystery of seduction? Is it a gaze which conceals a promise from a stranger…A smile that melts your heart…It’s elusive, rare, enigmatic; what makes your heart beat faster and catches your eye. In a way, it’s what we all live for. Cinema and history are filled with tales of seduction. Feel free to share your thoughts. What seduces you? 

In the meantime…here’s a delicious love potion a friend has generously shared. But, be careful because it will transform you.

Love is the only true magic.

How to Make a Love Potion

lpWhy Jasmine: The distinct, sweet, odor induces euphoria in both men and women, and has been used to spark passion for centuries.

Why Rose: We all know women tend to think too much. The sensual fragrance of rose can block anxiety, which can spike when it comes to sex.

Why Vanilla: There is an ancient Mexican legend about a fertility goddess who could not marry the mortal man she loved. Instead of becoming bitter, she transformed herself into the vanilla plant to give happiness and pleasure to all lovers. Its warm scent and taste is welcoming, sexy, and relaxing.

Why Cinnamon: The cinnamon creates a balance with the more soothing scents of rose, jasmine, and vanilla. While those help relax you, the cinnamon ensures that you still get a burst of fiery energy.

You will need…

-2 teaspoons of dried jasmine flowers
-1 tablespoon of dried rose petals
-Vanilla pod split, or ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
-1-2 cinnamon sticks


Pour 1 cup of fresh water into a saucepan. Add 2 teaspoons of dried jasmine flowers, 1 tablespoon of dried rose petals, a vanilla pod split lengthwise or ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 1-2 cinnamon sticks. Give the mixture a stir, then simmer for 3-5 minutes.


Remove from heat and pour through the strainer. Allow to cool, then bottle it. Add sparkling water and serve chilled on a hot day, or pour into mugs and reheat, sipping slowly. You can also drink it freshly made. In the fridge it will keep for a week in a lidded container.

Shared courtesy of

 Enjoy yourself.

36 Comments on “Secrets of Transformation, Part 3 The Mystery of Seduction

  1. This is fantastic. Love the history, the romance and all the references to Roxy Music you have hidden in the story. You’re deep, aren’t you?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You strike a chord every time you write. You’re a hopeless romantic (Such a great quality, most sincerely) and your observations are always thoughtful.
    I bet you’re a seductress when you have the time and you have a raging inferno inside that’s a street car! One sip of your potion would be a thrill.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Always fascinating to hear/read the female perspective. Not entirely different from myself as a guy, but definitely distinct 🙂

    Females, I’ve read, having more nerve ending and greater scent receptors, have a lot to teach us guys – I know my wife loves all those mentioned.

    Fascinating stuff, thank you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “Hollywood discovered traditional fables and classic fairy tales could easily be rewritten.”

    That probably has a lot to do with copyrights … or lack thereof.

    Hollywood can easily capitalize on a household name without having to pay for rights or worry about violating any copyrights.

    Its an easy way to target something everyone instantly recognizes for marketability, and give it a cool spin people can enjoy. Everyone loves fairy tales re-imagined.



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