Phoenix Rising by Hunter S. Jones

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

May 2015

LONG AGO, when our English ancestress immigrated tothe American colonies in the late17thcentury, she broughtwith herastarchart,thestoriesitrevealed,andagoldenring.

My grandmother told me this, and her grandmother had  explained it to her. This story has remained in our family for generations. The star chart tells the story of the last hour of Anne Boleyn and the rise of Lady Jane Seymour as predicted by an astrologer to the King of England, HenryVIII. The family legend and the chart reveal what happened in the last hour on that English morning of May 19, 1536. The star chart is a map of the planetary movement for a particular time. It is divided into twelve segments  called houses. Each house represents a different area of life and individuals  within a person’s life. Every house literally provides a home for the planets stationed there, giving that planet a place to manifest its energy…

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2 Comments on “Phoenix Rising by Hunter S. Jones

  1. I would love to read this. I realize it is a very short read of about 93 pages. I read almost any Tudor or Scottish based Historical Fiction. I do reviews through NetGalley published on Amazon, Word Press, Tumblr, Goodreads, Google + and various other sites where the books are available for purchase.


    • Thank you so much! If you will connect with me at I can send you a copy for review. The story is 24,000+ words, so I’m not sure why it formatted into less than 100 pages. It is intense. More words would’ve damaged the story. I look forward to hearing form you!


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