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Clipped from my local paper The [Redacted] Jolly Good News Paper…

Team Jane Seymour gears up for action. Team Jane Seymour gears up for action.

Several universities in the United Kingdom have proposed sweeping changes to the teaching and study of history. No longer will there be courses such as ‘From Byzantium to the Long March’ or ‘What Did the Romans Ever Do for Us?’

“That kind of teaching is outmoded and unfair,” one source told our reporter. “Our students are finding it very difficult to go onto facebook and talk about the boring or not so nice bits of history. Some are being traumatised by fans of this king or that queen because they insist on discussing the facts, such as are known. Our student counsellors are stretched to capacity and we now run recovery workshops three times a week.” Like the successful and popular ‘How to Stop Being a Tudor Troll’ workshop I attended at…

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