GilesFest 2013

Please join me in welcoming the lovely and talented GL Giles to Exile on Peachtree Street! GL has dropped to let us know more about her release, Water Vamps, released as a 2nd Edition via Black Wyrm Publishing. Here’s some insight into this imaginative and very original YA novel:

Water Vamps by GL Giles
Cover Art by Victor Sweatt

Take a both fun-filled and treacherous ride into the waters surrounding the peninsular city of Charleston, South Carolina with G.L. Giles’s water vampires. Slake your thirst for different vampire species and subspecies at the same time! On dry land, you’ll also experience a part of Charleston, South Carolina (set primarily in the 1980s)—from White Point Garden to The Battery to the surrounding marshes, complete with plough mud and fiddler crabs—atmospherically rich with the inherent tapestry of the Carolina Lowcountry and then embellished with a healthy dose of dark fantasy! With several species of vampires in the mix, conflicts naturally arise. Add to that, some of the various species of vampires, as well as some of the humans, also have potentially fatal run-ins with some of the specters and shape-shifters found in this young adult novella as well. More than just peppering the plotline are the mostly human protagonists, Robyn and Marion, who are like contemporary versions of Robin Hood and Maid Marian in many ways—that is, with Robyn being a female and Marion a male in Giles’s mythology—and the ‘young love’ version to boot, as they’re middle school kids. Yet, unlike other children their age, they have special ‘gifts’ and a lot of responsibility for those so young in years. You see, they have the distinct burden, squarely placed upon them, of being the only ones who can save their older counterparts from another place and time: Setiana and Vasario.

Look at just a few excerpts from the reviews of Water Vamps. This is what readers are saying about Water Vamps and GL Giles…

“A new kind of vampire is created in Water Vamps and Giles fascinates readers with those differences.”

“I think (Bram) Stoker would be well pleased to see this ‘new breed’.

“Anyone who writes like this and can create such a unique twist on the vampire mythos makes me happy to read more and anxious to see what she writes next.”

You can connect with GL Giles at the following social media sites. Be on the lookout for upcoming news on her next release! She’s definitely one author you will be seeing more of in the future.

Water Vamps Facebook


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