Irish Author Jonathan Dunne

Good morning! Welcome to Exile on Peachtree Street. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Irish author Jonathan Dunne. His debut novel, Balloon Animals, is so amazing. It is great to have him join me today in exile.
Jonathan, please introduce yourself in 50 words or less.

I’m Jonathan Dunne (Jon to friends and beautiful strangers). Balloon Animals is my book. A tragic-comedy with larger-than-life characters that make up for my own average being.

Didn’t we meet in Amsterdam a few years ago?

I once worked in Holland, sorting tulips (the flowered and human kind). I stayed 3 months in an old ramshackle hotel on the freezing coast with a bunch of drug-addicts. I was the only alcoholic so I kind’ve felt proud of that. Everybody else went around with saucer-eyes, just like owls they were, but I wise the wise old toad. I visited the Red Light district one night but I’m sure that I didn’t meet you there. Then again, it is Amsterdam…

Okay, it must’ve been another good looking Irishman. At least we have both been in Amsterdam at different times. So, tell me Jonathan, what books are you currently reading? Who are your favorite authors?

Dickens by Michael Slater and Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.

What inspires you?

On my FB page I’ve got one inspiration: Sofia Vergara (Gloria from Modern Family)

What are your writing habits?

I repeat an age-old mantra, thus inducing myself into a mind-bending stupor. I insist on writing sitting down. I occasionally listen to film soundtracks to heighten the atmosphere but no lyrics as they tend to jar the written word. I don’t know why that is. Having two sets of words going on at the same time jams the signal. I write in a cabin next to my house. I lock myself in until I have cabin fever.

What lead to the creation of Balloon Animals?

My daughter and I were going for a walk in our adopted town here in Toledo (Spain). She happened to have a red helium balloon that day. She accidentally let go and it sailed upwards over town. She bawled her eyes out and I was completely useless but to just watch as it ascended until it became nothing but a passing bird. I compensated by telling her “Granny caught the balloon and that she was happy to receive such a thoughtful present”. My mom died in 2009 – so that was the seed: that image of the red balloon against a blue sky, going somewhere from somewhere. The rest is fiction. I see writing as a series of dot-to-dots on a child’s activity book. Eventually you have enough seeds to join and get the bigger picture.

Why did you write it?

It had to be on paper.

Is it your first book?

Yes but I’ve been writing since I was a kid and publishing the occasional short story. I’ve written a few more novels that will remain hidden for now. I realized I was a writer when I joined the items on mom’s shopping list to create a narrative plot: the carrots were soon blaming the turnips for the murder.
Do you have more books planned?

Yes, my next book should be out sometime in late Spring 2013, at the rate I’m going. It’s called Living Dead Lovers – My Sick Romance. In a nutshell, it’s about a hell-raisin’ fiery-tongued gypsy psychic medium who falls in love with one of her dead clients – a philandering racing-driver. That’s all I can say for now. Let’s just say that she finds herself in a predicament.

What message do you want readers to take from Balloon Animals?

Whatever they pick up from it…

Any plans to be in Atlanta soon?

Thought you’d never ask, Hunter…

Thanks for joining today Jonathan. Continued success to you. Cheers~

Here is my 5 Star Review of Jonathan’s novel book:
This book is so well done I thought it was an autobiography when I first started reading it. Mr. Dunne takes the reader on a flight of fantasy in many ways. You will be captivated by the humanness of Johnny Rowe, from the first chapter. Congrats to Mr. Dunne for being one of the brave new wave of fiction writers that demands we, as readers, take a look–this is where an imagination can take you.

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